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Eduzo is an interactive Augmented Reality-based learning application for children of K-12. Aligned with school curriculum, the content has been designed such that children truly learn to understand. Eduzo addresses the theory-practice gap by allowing children to apply what they learn, in AR. Several brainstorming sessions with researchers from Stanford University have led to creating a compelling learning framework for Eduzo consisting of five core modules – Think, Learn, Apply, Evaluate and Journey, each of which takes children through a fun and explorative learning process.

Eduzo aims to understand the psychology of learning in children, drawing a parallel to their schema. Do children really enjoy learning? Even if they do, are they ready to take on challenges? Even if they do, are they ready to embrace their mistakes? Eduzo’s vision is to inculcate a growth mindset in children that helps them understand that challenges and mistakes are a part of the learning process. Personalizing learning by studying children’s learning behavior is Eduzo’s mission, and we strive to continually improve and adapt to the changing landscape.

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