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Eduzo helps students to understand better through Augmented Reality.


K-12 content in AR for Tablet, Mobile and AR Glass

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    Interactive AR learning app for K-12

    Eduzo transforms the way children learn using augmented reality (AR), making learning an interactive, enjoyable and meaningful experience. The core learning model of Eduzo consists of five modules – Think, Learn, Apply, Evaluate and Journey.

    Think before you learn

    The Think module teases children’s curious minds, making them ask questions beyond what’s right in front of their eyes.  This leads to a desire to learn.

    Learn to understand

    The Learn module gives answers to all the open-ended questions from the previous module. It takes children’s curiosity and turns it into new knowledge.

    Apply what you learn

    The Apply module allows children to apply what they have learned, using AR. This gamified method of application helps in reinforcement of knowledge gained.

    Evaluate to grow

    The Evaluate module helps children track their progress through the entire course of learning, thereby building a growth mindset and boosting self-esteem.


    The Journey module draws a strong connection between what children have learned in the past and how they will use their learnings, based on their present experiences.

    What people think of us

    This tool solves one of our huge problem which is finding quality teachers. By using this tool our teachers are able to teach better
    School Founder, KRM Group of schools
    This would be really awesome if I can use it in school to learn science!
    Evelyn Ward
    Student, Hallie Wells Middle School
    I see a huge potential on how this tool can enable teachers in making the classroom teaching session much better and engaging
    Renu Singh
    Teacher, Pacific Union School

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